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Magnavox Horn Speaker

cape old radio

Welcome to Kadu's Old Radios!

This is my radio collection on the web. There is a page for each radio with pictures, general description, detailed technical information, schematics for downloading, and a picture of tubes and IF transformers location. Each tube type has a link to a page with info about base, filament and plate volts, type of tube, and use in circuit. Info about dial lamps is also available. Check out pages about power resistor, line-cord resistor, and ballast tube resistor.

Check out a virtual Resistance Calculator and a Resistor Color Code Table.

I hope you enjoy this virtual stop!

My collection and myself.

I started collecting antique radios in April 1996. How did I get started as a collector? First, my wife Flavia gave me, as birthday gift, a Zenith console, model 6-S-254, year 1937, with that amazing round black dial, and the whole set in perfect cosmetic condition. One day I said to myself: ″I'll get this radio back to its working life″. Then, I did a WWW search, not a google yet, to find out if somebody else in this world would care about old radios. Surprise!!! Hundreds of sites, news groups, magazines, books, etc. After a few contacts, some reading, and several more radios I got hooked. By now I decided to collect and to restore small radios from 20's to 60's. It is really rewarding to get an old radio back to life.

Cunningham type CX-301 tube

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